heyo i'm lisa, i'm canadian, and the maine is very cool i guess
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Track: So Criminal
Artist: The Maine
Album: Forever Halloween Deluxe

What the fuck are we doing here?

Can you imagine The Maine ordering their outfits for the APMAS?

"We’ll get 4 large suits and 1 dress. Don’t ask."

glamourkills: Best dressed award goes toooo…… @patmaine @themaineband #apmas


I’m so done with this band.


Pat looks better at the AMPAS than I did at prom

  • first getting into a band: I can't really tell their songs apart..
  • now: lead singer shifts his weight on the right side of the stage as he tilts the microphone up to 80 degrees and slightly raises the volume of his voice at the 2:15 mark of the 2nd track on the 4th album's ep